Meet Caitlin Evans...

Hello everyone! I am the Founder and Designer behind the London based brand, Caitlin Evans. I design and sell beautiful timeless interior products. All the patterns on my fabrics are hand-painted by myself so they are unique pieces of art, made to be treasured.

For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to be part of the creative industry! From a young age, I would view the world with a creative eye. As a young girl, I loved to put together outfits, combining all the bright colours and clashing patterns I could find in my wardrobe. Thankfully, my fashion taste has evolved since then, however, this demonstrates my love for textiles from such a young age. I took a leap into the creative industry by doing a BA (Hons) degree in Textile Design which I graduated in with a first-class in 2020.

I was brought up in the North Devon countryside, so I have an interest in nature and landscapes. This interest in nature is often influential in my work, with a particular focus on florals. From living in a natural environment for many years I have a passion for sustainability, therefore I try to use as little plastic as possible in my products and the packaging that they arrive in.

I often start my work process by gathering primary research by taking photographs and producing quick on-location sketches. These sketches are then developed into paintings using mainly acrylic paint. These drawings are then scanned into Adobe Photoshop and edited to create digital designs whilst keeping all the gorgeous the painterly textures. I focus on creating vibrant eye-catching colour palettes. My work has an uplifting feel, creating perfect patterns to brighten up anyone’s home!

I hope you enjoy my prints as much as I enjoyed creating them!


Caitlin x

Caitlin Evans Textile Designer